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By Tamora Pierce

A part of the 8-book Tamora Pierce reissue for Fall 2006, this name within the Circle of Magic quartet beneficial properties spellbinding new disguise paintings. Coincides with the discharge of WILL OF THE EMPRESS in alternate pb.

Four components of energy, 4 mages-in-training studying to manage them. In e-book 2 of the Circle of Magic Quartet, earthquake harm has left Winding Circle at risk of pirate assault and Tris, Briar, Daja, and Sandry are operating with the neighborhood to reinforce their defenses. while the pirate onslaught starts off, issues turn into extraordinarily transparent: The pirates have a strong new weapon—and they've got an companion inside of Winding Circle. yet they've didn't expect the fury of a tender mage who has been betrayed as soon as too frequently, and who has very obdurate, very dependable friends....

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Copying permitted by purchasing schoolonly. @ User Friendly Resources Copying permitted by purchasing school only. pair of sharp scissors or guillotine coloured pencils large sheet of cardboard (A2) four bottle tops pot of paste or glue white card single die 1. 36). 2. Use a pair of scissors or a guillotine to trim the four sheets along the dotted lines. 3. Mark out a square 600 x 400mm (A2 size) on a sheet of cardboard and cut it out. 4. Glue the four sheets onto the cardboard being careful to ensure that the edges match up correctly.

4, Glue the four sheets onto the cardboard being careful to ensure that the edges match up correctly. 5. Photocopy the four sheets of QUESTION CARDS (use coloured paper if available). Then photocopy four copies ofthe CARBON-CHANCE TOP MASTERS (onto coloured paper if possible as well). dotted lines. Glue a card too sheet onto the back of each of the QUESTION CARD sheets (spread the glue all over the sheet). Make sure that the card frames line up - hold the sheets up to the light to check. 7, 8. Cut out each ofthe 36 CARBON-CHANCE cards and allow them to dry.

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