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Cutting-edge Headline: South African gold miners strike over 'slave wages in white man's financial system' 80,000 miners stroll out in commercial motion that might price nation £22m an afternoon as govt admits it could in simple terms plead for solution.

This previous publication can help shed a few mild at the Yellow satan.

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Gold played a particularly important role in the economic develop­ ment of the United States. It promoted the settlement of new vast territories in the West and central regions, the economic drawing togethe,r of the individual states and territories, and the growth of a transport network. The Californian gold rush with its human suffering and fates of simple people has gone down in the folklore of the American people and become the subject of countless literary works. But at the moment we are interested in figures .

Prices _were _now expressed only in gold, insofar as the monetary unit of each country was an amount of gold fixed by law. Gold actually cir­ culated in the form of coins, and the circulation of these coins was constantly growing in terms of _ absolute amount. The central banks, in which the national monetary wealth was amassed, be­ came the custodians of gold reserves. But among private . indi­ viduals from the wealthy strata the custom of keeping gold - at home in the form of coins or simple articles became firmly es­ tablished.

This vein or reef is the meat in the sandwich. 4 grammes per ton of ore, the Free State Geduld Mine processed about two million tons of ore in 1971, from which 53 tons of the metal was ex­ tracted. This content was double the average for South African mines. 4 grammes per ton. This mine yielded 89 tons of gold. These two huge mines had the lowest production costs . 11 Large­ scale production in favourable natural conditions yields good re­ sults and high profits. Mines like the ones in South Africa are hardly found in an y other gold-producing country.

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