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By David Eddings

"BELGARIAD is precisely the type of delusion i admire. It has magic, event, humor, secret, and a undeniable pleasant human insight."

The grasp Sorcerer Belgarath and his daughter Polgara the arch-Sorceress have been at the path of the Orb, looking to regain its saving energy sooner than the ultimate catastrophe prophesized through the legends. And with them went Garion, an easy farm boy merely months earlier than, yet now the point of interest of the fight. He had by no means believed in sorcery and sought after no a part of it. but with each league they traveled, the facility grew in him, forcing him to acts of wizardry he couldn't settle for.

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The scene whirled away, and Ambreene was somewhere else again. . A tower, where a woman wept, smoke curling away from her empty hands and ashes all around her. Nearby, a man who sat on empty air said, "And so your trick has turned to visit itself on thee. " The woman's raw howl of grief whirled Ambreene away into a scene of a sorceress betraying her tutor, then another, of an ambitious magistress turning to evil and mistakenly slaying the man she loved. .. "All of these happened, lass, and I was there to see them," Elminster told her gently.

I had just enough breath left to tell my story again. "I'm fine, Betha. But Dauna's been kidnapped. " She squeezed me again. "And I mean it. It isn't just a story, like Chesley says. " "Oh, we know, dear boy. " She hugged me again, and that was the last I could speak for a while. " Chesley appeared from the dining room. He was all narrow lines and livery. Our family didn't have a livery, but Chesley insisted on wearing one all the same. Livery and uniforms were as important to him as protocol and etiquette.

Now no suitor would recognize her as the highly desirable Hawkwinter heiress. She smiled grimly into the darkness, and went in search of the Lord Mage of Waterdeep. He was not on the dance floor, nor in any of the noisy, crowded antechambers that gave off it, where older nobles were busy loudly insulting each other, gossiping, gorging, and drinking themselves silly. Nor was he where Ambreene had expected to find him—the dim, smoky rooms on the floor above, where men who thought themselves wise and powerful muttered darkly about plots and trade treaties and the black days ahead for Waterdeep, and added new layers of refinements and pacts to the already labyrinthine entanglements of the city's intrigues.

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