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Are natural drugs powerful? Are natural meals relatively larger for you? Will the treatment to melanoma ultimately come from a newly found plant which dwells within the Amazon basin? Will medications ever develop into cheap and on hand to the neediest? How do we produce adequate nutrition to maintain with an ever-increasing global inhabitants?

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Mark the distance the mobile phase is intended to ascend as specified in the test procedure for the plant material concerned, usually 60 mm from the starting line. Allow the spots to dry, then place the plate - as nearly vertical as possible - into the chamber, ensuring that the points of application are above the surface of the mobile phase. The sides of the plate must not come into contact with the wall of the chamber. Close the chamber. Develop the chromatogram at room temperature, unless otherwise specified in the test procedure, allowing the solvent to ascend the specified distance.

Recommended procedures Method 1. 0g of coarsely powdered air-dried material, accurately weighed, in a glass-stoppered conical flask. Add 100ml of water and weigh to obtain the total weight including the flask. Shake well and allow to stand for 1 hour. Attach a reflux condenser to the flask and boil gently for 1 hour; cool and weigh. Readjust to the original total weight with the solvent specified in the test procedure for the plant material concerned. Shake well and filter rapidly through a dry filter.

Determination of total chlorine and phosphorus Most pesticides contain organically bound chlorine or phosphorus. Recommended procedure Preparation of samples Reduce the plant material to a fine powder, and extract with a mixture of water and acetonitrile R. g. cellulose, proteins, amino acids, starch, fats and related compounds) are sparingly soluble and are thus removed. A number of polar and moderately polar compounds may also be dissolved; it is therefore necessary to transfer the pesticides to light petroleum R.

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