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By Dennis Worthen

It is important that pharmacists comprehend the language of wellbeing and fitness care pros and, in flip, can show the data in an comprehensible model to sufferers. Procter & Gamble Pharmacist's instruction manual, moment version enables this communique. Now, multi function position, you could have scientific phrases, abbreviations, and sufferer counseling rules correct at your fingertips. The instruction manual starts off with an Inverted scientific Dictionary to translate lay terminology to extra technical vocabulary and an Eponyms part to translate scientific terminology to language that's understandable to sufferers. The Dictionary exhibits the right way to learn the scientific phrases by means of choosing its root, suffix, and prefix. This exam is supplemented with various tables of universal roots, suffixes, and prefixes. The booklet concludes with a word list of controlled care phrases to help you comprehend the language of the assurance neighborhood. one other severe accountability of a pharmacist is to obviously understand a prescription. The sections containing clinical Abbreviations and phrases utilized in Prescription Writing will reduction during this important job. additionally integrated within the guide are normal references, comparable to common laboratory values, conversion components, and weights and measures. those beneficial properties make Procter & Gamble Pharmacist's guide, moment variation a handy and convenient source for the practising pharmacist.

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Instead, it starts with a common term (or the definition) and then supplies the correct technical term. This tool is especially valuable when one is trying to determine what the correct technical term might be for a nontechnical or lay term. EPONYMS The eponym is a specialized form of technical terminology. An eponym is a shorthand to describe a specific disease, condition, or syndrome by using the proper name of the person who first described it or the patient. For example, Paget's disease is a shorthand description for osteitis deformans, a generalized skeletal disorder characterized by thickening and softening of bone, and is named after James Paget, a London surgeon who first described the condition.

Alkallnlty in blood alkalemia alkallnlty In urlne alkalinuria allerglc disease allergosis any disease resulting from allergy allergic reactlon aloPY specifically with strong familial tendencies allerglc skin dlsorder allergodermia altered hematln In urlne urohematin urofuscohema~in red pigment in urine altitude sickness AcousfaS disease amblsexual hermaphrodifism hermaphrodism condition of having both ovarian & testicular tissue amebas In urine ameburia amines i n urine aminuria amlno acids i n blood aminoacidemia presence of the enzyme in excessive amounts amlno acids In urlne acidaminuria aminoaciduria albumin In urine albuminuia noclalbuminuria excess albumin in urine passed at night ammonla compounds In blood ammoniemia alcohol In urlne atcoholuria ammonia In urine ammoniuria amnion inflammation amnionitis animals, collectively fauna amnion lacking anamionic anamnioric without the membrane normally surrounding the fetus antibody producer anrigen anything that produces antibodies amnion ruptured amniorrhexis amnion fluid escaped amniorrhm amount desired ad lib (ad libitwn) as desired anatomy study morphology study of the structure and forms of organisms anesthesia below waist para-anesthesia affecting only the lower half of the body anesthesia by cold cryanesrhesia refrigeration anesrhesia anesthesla by electricity electroanalgesia electronarcosis insensitivity to pain by use of electrical current anesthetic measurer anesthesimeter aneurysm repair aneurysmoplasty arferioplasty aneurysm suture aneurysmorrhaphy antlmony poisoning stibialism antrum (sinus) operation antroslomy antrotomy opening of the antrum for drainage purposes antrectomy excision of the antrum anus aperture lacking aproctia anus artificial colostomy creation of an artificial anus in the abdominal wall by surgical means anus inflammation periproctitis perirectitis inflammation of the connecting tissues around the rectum or anus proctiris rectitis inflammation of the rectum or anus sphincteritis inflammationof the anal sphincter muscle anus pain proctagra proctalgia proctodynia proctalgia fugax sphincteralgia aneurysm of velnlartery phlebangioma phlebarteriectasia anus proximity perianal surrounding the anus angel dust phencyclidine (PCP) "street drug" subject to abuse anus specialist proctologisr physicianwho specializes in treating anal conditions angle measurer goniometer animal anatomy zootomy animal breeding zoogony anus stricture proctosfenosis anus viewer anoscope instrument to examine anus and rectum amnion infammation aorta Inflammation aorfifis rnesaorfifis inflammation of the middle layer of the aorta periaortifis inflammation of the tissues surrounding the aorta aorta membrane endaorfifis apathy amelcia indifference arm amputation brachiofomy arm lacklng monobrachius congenital deformity arm largeness macrobrachia arm pain brachialgio aponeurosis lnflammatlon aponeurositis arm smallness microbrachia aponeurotlc suture aponeurorrhaphy appendages adnexa anatomical parts that are cojoined appendages of the eye adnexa oculi the lacrirnalglands appendages of the uterus adnexa uteri oviducts and ovaries appendlx lnflammatlon appendicitis appendlx operation appendectomy appetlte In excess bulimia appetlte lacklng anorexia appetlte unnatural a110 friophagy pica appetite for unusual or harmful substances chthonophagia chthonophagy geophagy desire to eat earth, clay, chalk, etc 27 appllcatlon epifhem anything placed on a wound or sore spot arachnold membrane Inflamed arachnifis apex lnflammatlon apicifis of a tooth root or a lung aponeurotic operation aponeurolomy artery cntsher armlesslheadless acephalobrachia born without head and arms armpit axilla aromatic urine uraroma arrow poison curare ukambin arsenic treatment arsenothrrapy use of arsenic agents to treat disease arson compulsion pyromania arterial pressure low hypopiesia artery calcification arferiosfosis artery calculus arfcriolith artery constriction arteriarcfia arfcriosfenosis artery crusher angiofribe instrument for crushing an artery embedded in the tissue artery degeneration arferiasis arteronecrosis artery twistlng arteriostrepsis to stop a hemorrhage artery dilatation arleriecfasis arreriomolor arterylveln communlcatlng anastornosis artery disease arteripathy artery hardening arteriosclerosis artery inflammation arteritis exarteritis of the outer layer mesarteritis of the middle layer panarteritis of all the arteries periangitis of outside tissues around an artery periarreritis of the outer layer and tissues surrounding an artery polyangitis perivasculiris involving multiple blood vessels stetharteritis of the arteries of the thorax artery narrowlng arreriostenosis constriction or compression inhibiting the flow of blood artery operatlon arteriectomy arterio~omy arrerioplasry artery pressure measurer hemadynamometer instrument to measure the blood pressure within the arteries artery rupture arteriorrhexis artery x-ray arterwgraphy artlculatlon difficulty dyslalia artlculatlon Inflamed osteoarthritis degenerative disease of a joint artlflcfal anus enteroproctia artlflciai intelllgence computer reasoning artificial substitution prosrhesis artificialparts to the body prosrhetisr specialist in artificial substitution prosthodontics branch of dentistry devoted to the restoration of teeth asbestos inhaled asbestosis asexual reproductlon agamogenesis agamogenetic a8amo8onY astlgmatlsm measurer a~ligmarometer astigmometer instrument to measure the extent of blurred and imperfect image due to imperfect refraction athlete's foot &rmarophytosis tinea pedis artery small arreriole atmospheric humldity measurer hygrometer instrument to measure moisture in the air artery spasm arreriospasm atmospheric study meteorology artery suture arteriorrhaphy atomizer nebulizer artery degeneration atrophy dlffuse panatrophy of several parts atrophy of skln atrophoderrna decrease in size or wasting away atrophoderrnatosis of the cutis attachment bonding to object or person attlc operatlon atticotorny opening of the tympanic attic base of skull presence of a type of rod-shaped bacteria in the blood bacilll In urine bacilluria back dorsalis posterior backlng-up regurgitation backward bent retroflexion backward displacement retroposition attractlon tropism involuntary attraction of an animal or vegetable organism toward a more desirable spot bacteria i n blood bacferernia endoloxernia attractlon to corpses necromania also desire for death bacterla largeness macrobacterium megabacferium bacteria of unusually large size attraction/rejectlon of sun heliotaxis heliotropism phenomenonwhere plants or plant organs have a tendency to lean toward or away from the sun autopsy necropsy aversion to food anorexia nervosa apocleisis aposifia aviator's disease aeroneurosis a nervous disorder axes equal homoaxial homaronial bacteria collector aerobioscope bacterla study bacteriology bacterla In urine bacleriuria bad breath halitosis ozosfornia sfoma~odysodia bromopnea* 'obsolete term bad taste sensation cacogeusia bag of waters amniofic sac baldness (see hair loss) ball-and-socket enarfhrosis such as knee joint barber's itch rnenlagra sycosis bacilli in blood bacillemia 29 base of skull basicranial beaded hair moniliform hair congenital disease of scalp beast transformation lycanthropy individual believes to be a wild beast bedclothes plucking carphology floccilla lion bedsore decubitus ulcer bedwettlng enuresis before birth antenafal antepartum prenafal the period of time preceeding birth before death anfe mortem behind the ear posfaurical behind the eye postocular belching erucfarion belief of smaller body micromania belief of one's dlvinity theomania belief that one Is a dog cryanthropy bend geniculwn the bend in an organ beryllium disease berylliosis lung disorder caused by exposure to fumes or dust particles of beryllium between attacks interictal infercritical between cartilages intercartilaginous interchondral between cell divisions infcrphase between cells intercellular between eyelids interpalpebral between lobes inferlobar between the projecting parts of an organ or other structure between muscles intermuscular between nostrlls infernarial between nuclear layers internuclear of the retina between parletal bones inferparietal also between the walls of any cavity between ribs intercostal between slmllar structures interspace between teeth interdentium interdental interocclusal between thlg hs interfemoral between two adjolnlng surfaces interproximal bile duct dilation cholangiecrasis bile duct Inflammation angiochofitis cholangioliriis cholangitis periangiocholitis pericholangitis inflammation of the tissues surrounding the bile ducts pericholecys tifis inflammation around the gallbladder beaded hair bladder hernia 31 bile duct operation cholangiostomy cholangiolomy black-and-blue marks livedo discoloredpatch on the skin bile excesslve formatlon hypercholia black-haired melanofrichous blle flow excessive cholerrhagia cholerrhagic cholorrhea hepatorrhea polycholia black sickness kala-azar a fatal infectious disease endemic in the tropics bile plgments bilirubin orange-red biliverdin green bile secretion choleresis by liver blle secretion lacking acholia bile In spinal fluid bilirachia blle I n urine biliuria choluria biiirubln In blood bilirubinemia hyperbilirubinemia excessive amounts in the blood billrubln in urlne bilirubinuria birth control confraception contraceptive prevention of contraception or impregnation by sperm birth to males androgenous birth to one monofocous black spot vision scotodinia dizziness with blurring of vision and headache black tongue melanoglossia black urlne melanuria black vomit vomitus nigar blackhead comedo blackness in organs melanism presence of black pigment in tissues, organs, and skin bladder calculus cystolithiasis bladdertcervix cervicovesical bladder dilatation cystectasia cysfecfasy bladder discharge cysrorrhea mucous discharge from the bladder bladder examination cysfoscopy visual examination of the interior of the urinary bladder birthmark nevus bladder fissure exstrophy schistocysfis biting self aufophagia autophagy bladder hernia cystocele enterocyslocele bladder inflammation cystitis cysfopyelitis inflammation of bladder and pelvis of the kidneys paracystitis pericystitis epicystitis inflammationof connectingtissues around the bladder pyelocystitis inflammation of the bladder and pelvis of a kidney trigonitis inflammation of the trigone cysroweteritis inflammmationof bladder and ureters bladder lacking acystia born without urinary bladder bladder operation cystectomy cystofomy epicystotomy vesicotomy cysrolithectomy cystolithotomy removal of calculi from urinary bladder cystopexy fixation of bladder cystoplasty cystollytroplasty cystoproctostomy cystostomy neocystostomy proctocystoplasty vesicostomy repair to the bladder ureteroileoneocystostomy a segment of the ileum is made part of the ureter bladder paln cystalgia bladder paralysls acystinervia cystopfegia bladder prolapse cystoptosis the slipping of the urinary bladder from its normal position bladder proximity paracystic paravesical bladder tool bilabe used in removing foreign matters through the urethra cystorneter instrument to study pressure and capacity of the bladder cystourethroscope instrument to examine posterior urethra & bladder bladder x-ray cysrography cystowethrography bleedlng after delivery postpartum hemorrhage bleeding arrester hemostat an agentlinstrument that stops bleeding blind spot scotoma within the visual field blindness amaurosis amaurotic typhylosis amaruosisfugax temporary blindness arnblyopia dimness of vision hemeralopia day blindness hemianopsia blindness in haw of visual field meropia partial blindness quadrmtanopia quadrantanopsia loss of vision in one fourth of visual field bllster causlng epispastic vesicant blister groups herpetiform bladder inflammation blistering disease pemphigus various types of skin diseases bloodwlacetone acetonemia in relatively large amounts blood albumin low hypoalbwninemia hypoalbuminosis blood alkallnlty Increased alkalemia blood alkall measurer hemoalkalimeter blood wlammonia compounds arnmoniemia blood analysis hemanalysis examination of the blood, especially by chemical methods blood wlbacilll bacillemia blood wlbacteria bacterernia blood bilirubin excess bilirubinemia hyperbilirubinemia excessive amounts in the blood blood in bone hematos;eon blood calcium excess calcemia hypercalccmia blood calcium low hypocalcemia blood carbon dioxide excess hypercapnia hypercarbia also increased arterial carbon dioxide tension blood carotene excess carotenemia blood cell hematocyle hemocyte blood dcystine 33 blood cell disintegration erythrocytolysis hemocatheresis hematocytolysis hemocytolysis hemocytotripsis hemolysis the alteration, dissolution or destruction of red blood cells, caused by a specific agent, toxicity or change in temperature.

TERMS USED IN PRESCRIPTION WRITING Latin and abbreviations still form much of the prescription vocabulary. This list of terms provides the English equivalent for both the prescription term and its common abbreviation. ) anorchism testes apneumia lungs apodia feet aprosopia face arhinia nose asternia sternum atrichosis hair absence of llfe abiosis adenoids knife adenoma~ome surgical instrument for cutting adenoids odenotome surgical instrument for cutting a gland or adenoids adenoids excision adenoidec~omy after Intercourse poskoital after surgery postoperative after vacclnatlon posrvaccinal absence of menstruation amenorrhea air bacteria collector aerobioscope device to determine bacterial content in the air absence of pleasure anhedonia from acts that would otherwise be pleasurable air-breathed measurer aeroplethysmograph instrument to measure the amount of air breathed out (exhaled) absorbent desiccant exsiccant air dust measurer aeroscope instrument used in determiningthe purity of the air konometer instrument for counting the number of dust particles in the air acetone bodies In blood acetonemia Achilles tendon paln achillodvnia Achilles tendon suture achillorrhaphy airlgas anywhere in body pneumarosis in any abnormal location acid, excessive acidosis in body fluids supersalt in salt airlgas In brain ventricles pneumocranium pneumocephalus acid measurer acidimeter acidity def iciency hypoacidi~y activity deficiency hypopraxia "Adam's apple" prorninen~ialaryngea prominent area in front of the neck adenoids inflammation adenoiditis alrlgas in heart chambers pneurnatocardia airlgas i n intestines aerenlerectasia meleorism tympaniles also in abdomen airlgas in joints pneumarfhrosis airlgas in peritonea1 cavity aeroperifoneurn aeroperitonia absence of anatomical parts (development) ammonia in urine airigas in pleural cavity pneumo l horax alertness of mlnd eunoia alrlgas In skull epidural aerocele usually caused by fracture alimentary canal enteron airlgas in splnal canal pneumorrhachis airlgas under the skln pncumoderma subcutaneous emphysema airigas In urine pneumaluria airlgas vaginal distention aerocolpos air in heart aerendocardia alr-Inspired measurer inspirometer instrument to measure the force, frequency, or volume of inhaled air air in mediastinal tissues pneumomediaslinum air In pericardial sac pneumohydropericardium air/sallva swallowing acrosialophagy sialoaerophagy entry of of air and saliva into the stomach air swallowing aerophagia aerophagy alrlwater treatment aerohydropathy acrohydrolherapy albumin measurer albuminome~er instrument to measure albumin contents, especially in the urine 25 allmentary canal lacklng agaslric .

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