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By Karen L. Page

My lifestyles -- Absolute future -- assembly Peter Hurkos -- The socialite -- The librarian -- The fireman's spouse -- The bookie -- Blood at the wall -- A Texas tale -- Unwelcome domestic -- The chase

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Two or three times a year he would call for an appointment, because he liked to give the gift of a reading to his friends. He would always drive them over for their appointment, giving us a chance to see each other more often, and have a good chat over coffee. One day he called, wanting an appointment for a friend of his named Steve. We set a time for the next afternoon, and I told him to bring Steve to the bakery. He could have a snack while I was upstairs in my office giving the reading. Arriving at the designated time, Al introduced us, and they took seats at a table near the counter.

39 4: The Socialite . . 59 5: The Librarian . . 69 6: The Fireman’s Wife . . 83 7: The Bookie . . 101 8: Blood on the Wall . . 119 9: A Texas Story . . 141 10: Unwelcome Home . . 165 11: The Chase . . 189 Conclusion . . 201 Acknowledgments . . 203 Introduction I have been a professional psychic for more than forty years. Though I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, over the years I have been very blessed to live and work with people from almost every walk of life, and read for people from just about every country, culture, and faith.

The answer came through a friend when she said, “Karen, you keep asking God to show you the door. You are standing in it! ” It was the beginning of my life. Over the years I came to understand why, for so many years throughout my childhood I had simply refused to accept that I was psychic. Because my gift has always been there and it is all I have ever known, the information about other people’s lives has never come to me like a bolt out of the blue, or watching a television screen, or some other unusual out-of-the-normal experience.

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