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By Christopher A. Faraone, Dirk Obbink

This assortment demanding situations the tendency between students of historic Greece to determine magical and spiritual ritual as together specific and to disregard "magical" practices in Greek faith. The participants survey particular our bodies of archaeological, epigraphical, and papyrological facts for magical practices within the Greek international, and, in each one case, be sure no matter if the conventional dichotomy among magic and faith is helping in any respect to conceptualize the target gains of the facts tested.

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The late-Latin term defixio (from defigo "nail down" or "transfix") seems to be the preferred terminology among scholars today, although its popularity has led to some inconsistencies. , any kind of malevolent prayer inscribed upon lead. , the different kinds of "voodoo dolls," used in antiquity (see n. , the bound rooster mentioned in DT 241 and the puppy in DT lll-12;cf. the chameleon discovered in the lecture room of Libanius [seep. 16 and n. 70] and 22 Magika Hiera the sewnup mouth of a fish, which aimed at binding the tongues of gossips in Ov.

C. , using a combination of paleographic and prosopographic evidence. The tablets themselves have since disappeared, and as a result most of them have never been properly redated. 75. C. (DT 49, 60, 62-63); and one that he was unable to date (DT 77). C. C. (SGD 6 and 9). Three of the unpublished inscribed lead dolls described by Jordan (1988) date to the end of the fifth century. Jordan (SGD, p. 162) reports, however, the discovery of seventeen tablets from a well in the agora (inv. c. context and seem at first glance to be judicial curses.

C. sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos on Delos (see A. Plassart, Les sanctuaires et les cultes des Mont Cyrtthe, Expl. " 8. W. S. Fox, "Submerged Tabellae Defixionum" AJP 33 (1912): 301-10; Jordan 1980, 225-39; idem 1985, 205-55. 9. See n. 56 for a description of the charioteer curses found buried in hippodromes in Syria (SGD 149) and Apamea (unpublished). A curse against bronze workers (SGD 20) was found in the mud-brick wall of a house in the industrial district of ancient Atheirs (see R. S. Young, Hesperia 20 [1951]: 222-23), and Dugas has published four bronze voodoo dolls from Delos that were discovered amongst the ruins of a house dating to the hellenistic period (see n.

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