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By Peebles, J.M.; Mohattiwatte, Gunanda; De Silva, D.

This e-book, 'The nice Debate - Buddhism and Christianity head to head' is a correct mirrored image of the old social gathering whilst Buddhism and Christianity have been introduced into an enviornment of nose to nose arguable dialogue via an oral debate, led via the eminent Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda thero, the silver tongued orator of the age and David De Silva, a Wesleyan minister held at Panadura, Sri Lanka approximately one and 1 / 4 centuries in the past whilst historical Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was once less than British colonial rule and Buddhism was once in nice risk as a result of island being overrun by way of a flood of Christian missionaries. The chapters of this e-book has been defined the starting place and incidence of Buddhism, the doctrines of Buddhism, the ethical impression of Bu, rebirth, Animistic or spirit principles , and varied speeches made via Reverend Migettuwatte Gunananda and Reverend David De Silva on Buddhism and Christianity. in addition, it's been this book which caused Colonel H. S. Olcott of the US to include Buddhism.

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Imagine them all seated down and listening with rapt attention to a yellow robed priest, holding forth from the platform filled with Buddhist priests, clergymen, and form some idea—a very faint one indeed— of the heterogeneous mass that revelled in a display of Singhalese eloquence seldom heard in this country. 34 So much for the general appearance of the scene; and now a few words concerning the speakers—at least concerning one of them— the Buddhist priest, Migettuwatte—as he is comparatively unknown to very many.

Cakkhum bhikkhave anattam yopi hetu yopi paccayo cakkhussa uppadaya sopi anatta anattasambhutam bhikkhave cakkhum. Kuto attabhavissati. Priests, the eye is not a soul; if there be any cause or sequence for the production of the eye, that too is soulless ; when the eye is soulless whence can there be a soul? So of sota, ear, ghana, nose, jivha, tongue, kaya, figure, mono, mind. 48 REV. DAVID DE SILVA’S’FIRST SPEECH In defining death, it is stated— Katamanca bhikkhave maranam ? Yam tesam tesam sattanam tamha tamha sattanikaya cuti cavanata bhedo antaradhanam maccu maranam kalukiriya khandhanam bhedo kalebarassa nikkhepo.

All this, the yellow robed priests, the sable attire of the Protestant Clergymen, the fantastic dresses of the immense multitude, the Inspector stalking perfectly erect on the walk lined on each side by children of all ages and complexions, the slow murmur of human voices rising at times like the waves of the ocean, interspersed occa­ sionally by the clear voices of the ubiquitous sherbet-vendor, and the roasted gram seller— the invariable concomitants of a Ceylon crowd— rendered the scene perfectly picturesque.

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