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. Since the Title is within the HTML Comment tags, the title will not be displayed when viewing your blog, but a title is needed to add the gadget. 23. Click Save and the gadget is added to your sidebar as the first item. 24. Drag and drop where you would like it to appear. info CHAPTER 3 ■ BLOG LAYOUT AND DESIGN 25. Click Save when finished.

Under each category, there are options. For example, we chose the Picture Window template, in Templates and under Picture Window, you’ll find a few different scenes. In Figure 3-16, the 2nd scenery scheme is chosen, which complements The Perfect Landscape banner design and nature theme. Click on some others and view the preview, then be sure to go back to Picture Window as we review more options in the Template Designer, Background. Figure 3-16. info CHAPTER 3 ■ BLOG LAYOUT AND DESIGN Background Some templates include a background image, like Picture Window, while others do not, such as Simple.

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