Lama Surya Das's Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan Wisdom for the Western PDF

By Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das, the main hugely informed American lama within the Tibetan culture, provides the definitive e-book on Western Buddhism for the modern day religious seeker.

The radical and compelling message of Buddhism tells us that every people has the knowledge, knowledge, love, and tool of the Buddha inside of; but so much people are too usually like sound asleep Buddhas.  In Awakening the Buddha Within, Surya Das indicates how we will be able to wake up to who we actually are with a purpose to lead a extra compassionate, enlightened, and balanced life.  It illuminates the tips and key ideas embodied within the noble Eight-Fold direction and the normal 3 Enlightenment Trainings universal to all colleges of Buddhism:

Wisdom education: constructing transparent imaginative and prescient, perception, and internal realizing -- seeing fact and ourselves as we actually are.
Ethics education: Cultivating advantage, self-control, and compassion in what we are saying and do.
Meditation education: training mindfulness, focus, and know-how of the current moment.

With energetic tales, meditations, and religious practices, Awakening the Buddha Within is a useful textual content for the amateur and skilled scholar of Buddhism alike.

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G iving descriptions of unsurpassed Secret Mantra's ground, path, and result according to the definitive mean­ ing for those who are diligently engaged on the path to liberation and who hope to attain the common and supreme siddhis,' this commentary will be like eyes to the blind. If those who truly desire liberation cherish this text like the heart within their chest, they will never be deceived or disappointed. The twenty-two chapters of this tantra illuminate the difficult key points of Secret Mantra Vajrayana by revealing the fundamental natured of phenomena to be primordially awakened as great, inseparable purity " Kuntunzangpo (kun tu bz,wgpo); Always Excellem male primo rd i al Buddha b ten chd (bslizn bros) ; con1n1entary or treatise c ng·d driip (rlny,osgrub); actual (r;nas lugs) d ney l1ik attaintnent T R A N S L AT O R S PREFAC E I) and evenness:' Although these subjects primarily emphasize \Visdom that tran scends the mind , this wisdom is revealed as not other than the mind itself.

A - d:! JI� )1? 6< __9:; ll j1 � _)1 � ···. 9! J1 � 2. :li � 2i\ � 2. ' � � Y. 9! 9! ll \8? z! J1 �� �. z; � 22\ )� . 9! J• . 94 }i £! �� � ):j -"\ � �? a? il' 2 '*- ,;:Ji 6B. l! 3 . -9<. l, _,. a 2V :i! 2 J>)? 9! 2! 9! -9< jj �,! �, a. =: . )1 ll i! fjl . � 3! -2\ � � � � � l! ]' �. Ill�\ -1 mai -{ j �'. �. j\. '8< � Y. jj Ci1.! ll --� ai. b The only antidote for this situation is to cultivate an unconfused, correct understanding of the actual nature of the way phenomena' abide.

In addition, the import of the benefits derived from receiving empowerment is discussed in a way that brings inspira­ tion to all faith-bound disciples. : Nan1p ar Nangdzcd rS THE G U H YA G A R B H A T A N T R A appearances. a as the means for gaining certainty in the view, the impure, ordinary appearances concerning the universe and inhabitants are realized to be primordially pure as the fundamental nature of all-pervasive evenness. The twelfth chapter discusses the two paths of method and liberation through which the accumulations of ordinary merit and wisdom merit are perfected.

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