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However, it 's a good idea to leave some space between commands in case you want to add more instructions later. Suppose, for example, you want to plot another point before the end of the program . First, you'll want to have a look at your program again. 29 30 ATARI SOUND AND GRAPHICS To do this , press SYSTEM RESET and then type : LIST Now when you press RETURN, your program is shown on the screen again. 10 GRAPHICS 3 COLOR 1 30 PLOT 10 ,5 20 40 END Okay, now try adding: 35 PLOT 14 ,4 --_ __ and press RETURN.

For example: 20 3. 4. 5. GRAPHICS 3 To leave space to add more lines later No. REM statements don 't change the way a program runs . Because graphics mode 3 has columns 0 through 39 and rows 0 through 19, and the dimensions of the cube go beyond that. Challenges 1. 2. 3. 4. Run the "Color Cube" program in graphics mode 7. Plot some more points. Add some DRAWTO statements. See if you can write a program that will draw the figure at the end of Chapter 2. CHAPTER FOUR Sound And Graphics Together So far you have learned to make some sounds and also to create some graphics with your AT ARI Computer.

5. With a FOR-NEXT loop Fast COLOR 0 An INPUT statement 6. The SOUND statement in line 210 ne eds to be: 4. 3110 GOTO 3110 200 SOUND 0, N, 10, 10 7. Yes, but you need an INPUT statement for each variable. For example: 110 INPUT N 120 INPUT T 210 SOUND 0,N,T,0 8. READ and DATA Challenges 1. 2. Write a program that lets you INPUT tone as a variable in the SOUND statement. Write a program using READ and DATA to plot some points. CHAPTER FIVE Some Special Effects with Sound In the las t c h apter w e u se d a FOR-NEXT loop to te ll the co mpute r to count to its e lf for a mome nt wh e n we wa nted it to pause.

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