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Ознакомительная документация по проведению радиографического контроля сварных соединений .(Американский и австралийский стандарт)
Требования к радиографическим снимкам.
Виды дефектов.
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De Radiographic Testing Glossary Absorption The reduction in intensity of a beam of ionising radiation due to its passage through a material that blocks some of the incident radiation. Activity The number of atoms in a radioisotope that are decaying each second. Anode The positively charged electrode of an X-ray tube which contains the target and from which X-rays are emitted. Attenuation See absorption. Autoradiography Production of an image by the photographic recording of natural radiation. Back scatter That part of the scattered X-radiation or gamma radiation which is transmitted at an angle of more than 90 degrees in relation to the direction of the incident beam.

Flash radiography Radiography for the purpose of examining transient effects, such as moving objects in which the radiation intensity is relatively high and the exposure time is relatively short. Fluorescent screen A material which fluoresces in the visible region of the spectrum under the action of X-rays or gamma rays. Fluorometallic screen A support base to which is attached thin lead foil coated with a fluorescent material. Focal spot The area on the surface of the anode of an X-ray tube on which the electron stream impinges and from which the primary beam of X-rays is emitted.

Its unit symbol is Sv. Soft radiation Radiation of relatively low penetrating power. Source The origin of radiation. Source shift radiography A method for determining the depth of a discontinuity by the use of two offset sources. Source-to-film distance The distance from the source of primary radiation to a film for a radiographic exposure. Specific activity The activity per unit mass of radio nuclide (see also activity). Step wedge PDF wurde mit FinePrint pdfFactory Pro-Prufversion erstellt. de A block of material in the form of a series of steps usually used for the preparation of exposure charts.

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