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By Curtis A. Utz

1st variation, 1st printing, 1994. frivolously used replica in first-class situation.

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The LST had a 328-foot length and 50-foot beam and could carry a 2,100-ton load. ” Because of defense cutbacks, by January 1950, only 135 of the 1,051 LSTs America produced during the war remained in commission worldwide. The Shipping Control Administration, Japan (SCAJAP), an occupation agency responsible for inter-island trade and the return of Japanese POWs from other parts of Asia, operated another 39 LSTs. S. Army in Japanese waters. Soon after the sudden outbreak of war in Korea, the Navy feverishly concentrated LSTs in Far Eastern waters.

An attack on the two positions. The intrepid officer silenced one bunker with a grenade. Just as he pulled the pin of another grenade, a burst of machine gun fire hit him in the chest and right arm. Badly wounded, he dropped the grenade and its arming handle flew off. The entire fire team was now at risk. ” the lieutenant swept the live ordnance against his side. Lopez smothered the explosion with his own body, sacrificing his life for the lives of his men. In recognition of this selfless act, the Navy Department awarded 1st Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez the Medal of Honor.

Even though the gun crew had to manually ram shells into the breach because of a mechanical problem, they kept up a high rate of fire that scorched paint off the barrel. Storming Ashore at Red n this crescendo of exploding bombs, rockets and shells, Horace A. Bass, the control ship for Red Beach, gave the signal for assault. Coxswains in the eight LCVPs of the first wave gunned their engines and conned their boats across the line of departure. Corsairs strafing the beach rained 20mm shell casings on the sailors and Marines in the landing craft.

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