Kevin Brennan, James Maliszewski's Arcana: Societies of Magic (d20 System) PDF

By Kevin Brennan, James Maliszewski

Sorcerers and wizards are usually not the single practitioners of the mystical arts. Esoteric orders of arcane initiates push the bounds of magic past the boundaries of tomes and blood. The Abbey of eco-friendly metal trains clergymen that pack a mystical punch, the Servants of degradation subvert civilization with darkish rites, and the varsity in the back of the Veil teaches warriors to exploit divination to top their competitors. Arcana: Societies of Magic information six assorted businesses that hire distinctive types of magic to accomplish their ends. the outline of every society contains info of the group's background, pursuits, hierarchy, and leaders, in addition to a map of its headquarters. New abilities, feats, spells and status sessions make it an entire package deal. Like eco-friendly Ronin's award-winning Freeport sequence, Arcana: Societies of Magic can be utilized in any delusion crusade.

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