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By Alan Talevi, Luisa Rocha

This thorough quantity delves into antiepileptic drug discovery with a accomplished selection of leading edge techniques for the advance of antiepileptic treatments, concentrating on novel molecular goals for antiepileptic medicinal drugs, computer-aided methods for the id of recent drug applicants, and healing suggestions to beat refractory epilepsy. The final part illustrates the aptitude advantages that community pharmacology and rational drug repurposing may well deliver to the antiepileptic drug discovery group. Written for the Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology sequence, chapters contain the type of special description and implementation suggestion to make sure ends up in the laboratory.
Authoritative and sensible, Antiepileptic Drug Discovery: Novel Approaches goals to supply medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, and different researchers with the instruments have to additional discover the examine of pharmacoresistant epilepsy and the invention of recent antiepileptic drugs.

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The US National Institute of Health, through its Anticonvulsant Screening Project, proposes an initial protocol that includes in vivo/in vitro models to identify new active molecules [5]. Among them, the most employed assays are the maximal electroshock seizure test (MES test) and the pentylenetetrazol test (scMES test) in mice and rats [6]. The MES test is associated with the electrical induction of the seizure, whereas scMES test involves a chemical stimulus to generate the convulsion. Most of the marketed AEDs are capable of suppressing the seizures induced with at least one of these two tests.

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