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By Jim Butcher

In Furies of Calderon, bestselling writer Jim Butcher brought readers to an international the place the forces of nature take actual shape. yet now, it's human nature that threatens to throw the world into chaos.

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What I was feeling was clearly very powerful magik or mind control. ” “Logical,” the creature said as it shifted toward a pig-body shape. ” I could see the anger growing in Aahz’s body, his green scales stiff on his neck. Giving away anything to do with money was beyond something Aahz could do without undue stress. Tanda put her hand on his arm and stepped forward. “Your price is high for simple directions. We will give you 5% of anything we acquire on this venture, no matter what the value. ” The creature now looked like a quatra-piggy, a type of demon I had seen in the street on an earlier trip here.

We need the Etc dimension,” Tanda said. “Your total is now twenty percent,” the creature said, its massive tongue moving as if someone was fluffing the pillows. “We are aware of that,” Tanda said. The next moment we found ourselves standing on a wide and, mercifully, empty street. Plain-looking wooden buildings framed both sides of the street. The sky overhead was cloudy and gray, the air was cold and crisp, but at least it wasn’t blowing. I was glad I still had our heavy coats and hats on as disguises.

The next instant the dust smashed into my face. “Warning next time,” Aahz said. “This is Vortex #4,” she shouted over the wind. ” For an instant there was no dust, then it hit again. I knew this had to be Vortex #1. I mean, with the dust and all, what else could it be? Then we were back in the tent with the Shifter. And right at that moment what I really wanted to do more than anything else was just walk out of the tent and forget this entire thing. “Vortex #6 please,” Tanda said to the Shifter, who had lost his couch shape and now looked more like a cross between a cat and a table.

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