Derren Brown's Absolute Magic PDF

By Derren Brown

Absolute Magic, in fine condition. a bit dusty on most sensible, yet different then that its pretty well mint.

This is the second one version.

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J He has hair lighter than yours but shorter, and is musically inclined. He plays the guitar, though he has also dabbled with keyboard and electronic music. He also has particular notions about spirituality, or at least selfawareness, which you kind of share II was generally describing my impressions of Chris here and watching for positive reactionsj. You two talk a lot about women and relationships. Ah, now he comes from, I think, a fairly wealthy family, is that right? [The name ‘Verne,’ short for ‘Vernon,’ certainly has class associations, This was correct, which gave me more clues].

I use a lot of pick-pocketing at these events, which has an up-beat quality to it which, although in stark contrast to my normal style, allows for the best to be made from a difficult situation. I steal watches, handkerchiefs and ties as I perform my routines, (and now, if performing close-up I am happy to perform a lot of magic as well as the mind-reading they have paid me for), generally to the immense amusement of the group. This is also about gaining rapport, in the way I have already mentioned.

Trickery is the irrimediate answer. When the ring floats, the spectator is concentrating on moving the ball of light inside of her. The ring and the emotion are linked by sentimental association. The movement of the ring is a metaphor for the spread of the feeling, and its ascension is an instruction to be delighted. There is a reason, suggested by the whole theatre of the thing, how and why the ring moves. There is cause and effect. Now let me move a stage further. The cause and effect are not of this world: they follow according to the logic of the magical realm to which we, as magicians, have a connection.

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