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To close the valve the air pressure is vented from the valve and the compressor air pressure from the gas path forces the valves to close. The switching of the air pressure to the valve is accomplished by the use of a solenoid valve, which is controlled electrically by the EEC. As stated earlier the HP bleed valves are used during engine start, low speeds at and above idle as well as for acceleration. At first the operation of the single valve installation on the CFM56-7B is presented. Here the valve is opened during engine start until the engine has reached idle and the starting sequence is finished.

On FADEC-controlled engines they are controlled by the FADEC computer. 1 Variable Bleed Valve System When the speed from the LPC decreases below the design point, the axial velocity of the airflow decreases, too. This leads to an increasing angle of attack at the rotor blades. To prevent the angle of attack from reaching a critical value the variable bleed valves are opened to bleed a portion of the airflow out of the gas path at the exit of the LPC. 2 External Air Systems LPC 39 VBV Door (partially open) HPC Inlet Fig.

Cooling Tube Assembly Tip Clearance Fig. 10 Principle of turbine clearance control 32 2 Engine Air Systems The efficiency of the high pressure compressor has a great influence on the TSFC of an engine. So it makes sense to minimize its tip clearance for maximum performance. In most engines the HPC rotor has a permanent uncontrolled internal cooling flow. The expansion of the case matches up with that of the rotor so that the tip clearances become smaller at high rotor speeds and pressure ratios.

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