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WHAT THEOSOPHY IS "There is a faculty of philosophy nonetheless in lifestyles of which sleek tradition has misplaced sight." In those phrases Mr. A.P. Sinnett all started his booklet, The Occult global, the 1st well known exposition of Theosophy, released thirty years in the past. [Namely in 1881.] in the course of the years that experience handed in view that then, many hundreds of thousands have realized knowledge in that college, but to the bulk its teachings are nonetheless unknown, and so they may give in basic terms the vaguest of replies to the question, "What is Theosophy?" books exist already which resolution that question: Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism and Dr. Besant's the traditional knowledge. i've got no considered stepping into festival with these general works; what I hope is to provide an announcement, as transparent and easy as i will be able to make it, that may be considered as introductory to them.

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The truth lies between the two. The pressure is natural, not to the man but to the vehicle which he is using; its desire is natural and right for it, but harmful to the man, and therefore it is necessary that he should resist it. If he does so resist, if he declines to yield himself to the feelings suggested to him, the particles within him which need those vibrations become apathetic for lack of nourishment, and eventually atrophy and fall out from his astral body, and are replaced by other particles, whose natural wave-rate is more nearly in accordance with that which the man habitually permits within his astral body.

Yet, impossible as it may seem, the same experience is repeated when he passes into the mental world, for this life is in turn so much fuller and wider and more intense than the astral that once more no comparison is possible. And yet beyond all these there is still another life, that of the intuitional world, unto which even this is but as moonlight unto sunlight. The man’s position in the mental world differs widely from that in the astral. There he was using a body to which he was thoroughly accustomed, a body which he had been in the habit of employing every night during sleep.

Because of the emotion involved, it draws round it also matter of his astral body, and thus we have an astromental form which leaps out of the body in which it has been generated, and moves through space towards the object of the feeling of affection. If the thought is sufficiently strong, distance makes absolutely no difference to it; but the thought of an ordinary person is usually weak and diffused, and is therefore not effective outside a limited area. When this thought-form reaches its object it discharges itself into his astral and mental bodies, communicating to them its own rate of vibration.

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