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This derived function applies the operand separately to each element of a nested argument to return an element of the final result. This definition has deep consequences, not least to obviate looping solutions on nested structures. • Define a nested vector '$7$f          • Copy and use the ',63/$< function to see the structure. ',63/$< '$7$ g _ g g g _ _ _ g _ _ g _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ a _ _ _ a _ _ a _ _ _ › › _ › • Use monadic shape to show that '$7$ is a vector of vectors (and scalars).

NET Web Pages 47 A Practical Introduction to APL1 & APL2 FURTHER RESEARCH This 2-day course is just an introduction to the big, wide world of APL programming. apl * * * * * 48 A Practical Introduction to APL1 & APL2 FEEDBACK FORM Date _____________________ Instructor _____________________ Name _____________________ Course Name _____________________ eMail _____________________ Location _____________________ Please indicate your view of the following: poor 1 2 3 4 5 excellent Location & Facilities Course Content Course Material Instructor’ s Knowledge How useful was the course to your role?

O In APL, scalars are rank zero arrays and as such they fit very neatly into the whole APL data scheme. Thus the shape of a numeric scalar is a vector of length zero, such as Ÿ. The shape of a vector (rank one) is a vector of length one, such as  . The shape of a matrix (rank two) is a vector of length two, such as   . The shape of a rank three array is a vector of length three, such as   . DUHQ  :LQNOHEXU\ D   • Experiment with the following monadic and dyadic derived functions.

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