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P. B. as she received them from 64) A BU DDHIST STUD ENTS ' MANUAL the Masters. " In a letter of September 12 th he gives lus views on the relationship between the Buddhists of England and Ceylon. " I t is too bad that although Ceylon Buddhists have been friends of England yet no attem pt has been made to enlighten the English people regarding the Dhamma. If Ceylon Buddhism dies it would be a calamity. I think the danger could be averted with the help of British Buddhists. During the time of H.

As for the Review, seldom has a Journal of such excellence had such poor support. A t this time only "160 to 190 per quarter were sold by the Trade," although forty-five public libraries received copies free, and other free copies were sent to ‘ 'nine Bhikkhus and ten Editors and press writers” . I t would seem th a t not more than three hundred copies of each issue left the publishers. A n a n d a Me t t e y a R e t u r n s In May, 1914, took place one of the saddest episodes in the fifty years of this brief History.

W orst of all he read his addresses. *' As against this, it is pointed out that the Bhikkhu THE DEVELOPMENT OF BUDDHISM IN ENGLAND 37 would answer questions a t the close of a meeting, clearly and fluently. It is therefore all the more regrettable th at he never learnt to speak from notes alone in his actual address. T h e M is s io n R e t u r n s All too quickly the time allotted to the Mission to England wore to its close, and Ananda Metteya sailed for Rangoon from Liverpool with Dr. Rost on October 2nd, 1908.

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