52 Little Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life by Bob Welch PDF

By Bob Welch

Do you pay a trip to Bedford Falls each Christmas? Does December believe incomplete and not using a reminder that “no guy is a failure who has friends”? If George and Mary Bailey are annual site visitors at your place in the course of the vacations, you understand that It’s an excellent Life is way greater than only a festive seasonal movie. It’s a mirrored image of what we will be able to be whilst we’re at our greatest and a reminder that our lives can swap all people round us—for higher or worse. Revisit the defining classes in Frank Capra’s 1946 vintage, and observe new dimensions of the movie you’ve noticeable repeatedly. What are you able to study from Mary’s quiet contentedness? Does George’s selflessness make you reconsider your individual priorities? and the way approximately Clarence’s dogged dedication to his project? subscribe to writer Bob Welch for a close-up of the characters and issues that form this pretty tale. You’ll be reminded that life’s most vital paintings is frequently the paintings we by no means deliberate to do and that God can use the most...

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Then Uncle Billy misplaces—or, more correctly, old man Potter steals—eight thousand dollars, and George’s mood spirals from celebratory to suicidal in a matter of hours. The Bailey Building and Loan might have to close. Jobs will be lost. People will lose their money. And the honorable legacy of Peter Bailey, George’s father, will be besmirched. As a frustrated George says to Uncle Billy, who hasn’t a clue where the money went: “Do you realize what this means? ” You can understand George sinking into the quicksand of despair, even if you realize that, until Clarence comes around, he’s being victimized by his self-pity.

Why? It’s certainly not because of his track record. Clarence is, after all, only an Angel Second Class. He hasn’t earned his wings yet, and Franklin’s comment that “We’ve passed him up right along” suggests it’s not because he hasn’t been given the chance to prove himself. ” Clearly, this is an angel with problems, not the least of which is an inferiority complex. The idea that Clarence may not be the sharpest knife in the angel drawer is only underscored by his last name— Odbody—which not only suggests he is a tad quirky but may, in fact, come from a long line of quirky folks.

Why? Because in his self-pity George has cut off the very relationships that have sustained him: Mary, the children—and God, whom George sarcastically blames for “a bust in the jaw . . ” And what brings him back to where he needs to be? A second-class angel who helps George see life with new eyes. Remember, what snaps George out of his self-pity is neither the money that saves the Building and Loan nor the people who bring it, though certainly he appreciates both. What snaps him out of it is not circumstances, but a new perspective he learns from his journey and affirms with his tearful “I-want-to-live-again” prayer on the bridge.

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