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VHSIC Description Language (VHDL) is outlined. VHDL is a proper notation meant to be used in all levels of the construction of digital structures. since it is either computing device readable and human readable, it helps the advance, verification, synthesis, and checking out of designs; the conversation of layout information; and the upkeep, amendment, and procurement of undefined. Its basic audiences are the implementors of instruments aiding the language and the complex clients of the language.

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2). NOTE—It is a consequence of the preceding rules that a procedure with an out or inout signal parameter called by a process does not have to complete in order for any assignments to that signal parameter within the procedure to take effect. Assignments to the driver of a formal signal parameter are equivalent to assignments directly to the actual driver contained in the process calling the procedure. 3 File parameters 135 For parameters of class file, references to the actual file are passed into the subprogram.

In either case, the index constraint must provide a discrete range for each index of the array type, and the type of each discrete range must be the same as that of the corresponding index. An index constraint is compatible with the type denoted by the type mark if, and only if, the constraint defined by each discrete range is compatible with the corresponding index subtype. If any of the discrete ranges defines a null range, any array thus constrained is a null array, having no components. An array value satisfies an index constraint if at each index position the array value and the index constraint have the same index range.

Copyright © 2000 IEEE. All rights reserved. 27 IEEE Std 1076, 2000 Edition 355 IEEE STANDARD VHDL Example: function WIRED_OR (Inputs: BIT_VECTOR) return BIT is constant FloatValue: BIT := '0'; begin if Inputs'Length = 0 then -- This is a bus whose drivers are all off. 5 Package declarations A package declaration defines the interface to a package. The scope of a declaration within a package can be extended to other design units. package_declaration ::= package identifier is package_declarative_part end [ package ] [ package_simple_name ] ; 375 package_declarative_part ::= { package_declarative_item } package_declarative_item ::= subprogram_declaration | type_declaration | subtype_declaration | constant_declaration | signal_declaration | shared_variable_declaration | file_declaration | alias_declaration | component_declaration | attribute_declaration | attribute_specification | disconnection_specification | use_clause | group_template_declaration | group_declaration 380 385 390 395 If a simple name appears at the end of the package declaration, it must repeat the identifier of the package declaration.

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